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Sharing our underwater world

Welcome to the website of Traverse City, Michigan photographer, Chris Doyal.

Here you will find photos from locations around the world as well as a few underwater archaeology projects.

The great folks at Aquatica featured me in one of their ads after a trip to Fiji and added me to their gallery of shooters.

The latest edition of the  Michigan Underwater Preserve Council's Dive Guide features one of my photos on the cover.

Notes and News

All images on this site are © 2015 Chris Doyal and may not be used in ANY way without my permission.

BAYLIFE magazine recently featured my work in their summer issue.

The article and print quality are both very nice!

1 MUPC2011cover

I recently won a 1st place and two 3rds at the 2013 Shipwreck and Technology Dive Show in Muskegon,  Michigan.


In the summer of 2013, I was involved in the search for LaSalle's lost ship, Le Griffon.

It was a great opportunity to work with some great archaeologists and I'm honored to have been a part of it.

Coleman Shrimp on Fire Urchin Doyal0506_719 Green Crinoid Shrimp (2) Doyal0506_241 Goldentail Moral Eel2 FIJI20110411_182 Longnose Hawkfish Selvick2 Hypselodoris bullocki Ringtailed Cardinalfish With Mature Eggs NEWSULAWESI0318 Hind in sponge(2) Bermuda2

I was runner up in two categories in the 2014 Great Lakes Shipwreck Photo Contest.